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Learn Stained Glass

Escape to Beechworth for a great Stained Glass Holiday Course

Students can unwind after their sessions in one of our Exclusive Beechworth Holiday Houses. Creative, luxury accommodation for couples or a small group.

Indulge a 8 day holiday escape to “Stay in Beechworth”.   Short how-to-do stained glass courses – from $100  – plus your Holiday House costs.  Live well, learn, embrace a creative holiday.  Learn how to cut – solder – work with lead panels – copper foil – 3D projects – measure your panels – decorative soldering – fuse in a microwave Kiln.

Holiday House – $300 per night for your entire group, plus the Stained Glass Course fee per each student

We tailored our sessions for you and your group. We offer courses in Lead-light, or copper foil, and start you with a small sample project. Materials and tools are provided for this project,  designed to teach you the “basic skills”.

Your Project

Once completed you will move to your own project.  If you are a beginner your project design  is to have no more than 20 pieces.  The following items will need to purchases before you check in for your course.

  • Brand new “new oil filled  glass cutter”, ruler, eraser
  • Glass 4mm thick , coloured  and clear.
  • Scissors, roll of thick making tape, lead pencil, black permanent markers by 2.
  • 1 pair of glass grossing  pliers. 1 pair of running pliers optional.
  • 20 horse shoe nails, tack hammer,  6 wood pin nails
  • Timber Working board 500 x 500 mm, 2 grossing of beading 500 X 500 mm in length.
  • Roll of Copper Foil  6.0 mm wide, 1 pkt of copper foil pins to secure strips as you work.
  • Roll of solder wire 50/50 lead work  or 60/40 for copper foil work
  • Stained glass soldering iron around 80 to 120 watts
  • Glass grinding stone, Flux, Sharp Lead cutting knife, Putty Lathekin tool
  • Lead came lengths  5.9 R x 6 lengths if you are learning lead-light
  • Stove black polish and stiff brush, Black stained glass linseed oil putty for Lead-light projects

Beechworth do have local suppliers for ome of these items.  Margy will forward confirmation of your course a few weeks before you commence. Please plan your “Diamond Plus Holiday Package” early for our preparation. Margy teaches all levels form beginner to advanced.

Stained Glass Tutor Profile -Margy Barwood

Your tutor Margy has over 30 years experience in Lead light and Copper foil glasswork.   Margy first learnt stained glass,  at the Australian National University in Canberra ACT.  An instant addiction to fun with glass!  In the following decades Margy raised the bar, dabbling in fusing with a microwave oven kiln, 3D work and decorative solder techniques. Her success includes an array of prizes and awards from the Royal Canberra Show awarded to ongoing students, herself and her 3 young children.

Margy founded “Murrumbateman Lead-Light and Stained Glass” in the early 1990’s.  The business conducted  4 classes a week with around 10 students, in each class. It was a fantastic social era, filled with late nights and wonderful students creating amazing projects from glass.

In 1994 Margy was commissioned to restore – repair – rebuild 3 very large full length cathedral windows, for St Andrew Church in Yass, NSW.  Sourcing glass that matched the 3 vandalised panels was satisfied via a Sydney supplier. After the commission her business status extended to selling supplies to other glass enthusiasts.  A return visit to St Andrews in 2015 was very satisfying with an inability to identify her windows from the original windows.

Her profile boasts an array of completed projects. In 2017 Margy founded the Beechworth Womens Shed Inc. A social group who share skills, community projects and ideas. The first course for the Beechworth Womens Shed Inc begins in May 2017. Margy envisages the course will result in a bigger skill base of women,  capable of repair and restoration work with heritage projects in the Beechworth community.

Course Structure

  • Exclusive Lead-light Diamond Plus Package includes 8 sessions, 3 hrs per session. Course price $150 per student plus accommodation.
  • Exclusive Copper Foil Diamond Plus Package includes 6 sessions 3 hrs per session. Course price $100 per student plus accommodation.
  • Latest information and course details can be obtained by phoning  0409 284 110
  • Only available as an extra charge with accommodation bookings of 8 nights or more with  Beechworth Holiday Houses

Diamond Plus Holiday Package Details

Stained Glass course in  lead light $150 or copper foil $100 per student.  Exclusive Accommodation in a beautiful holiday house in Beechworth. ( $300 per night includes up to 6 persons.) This package requests a  Min stay of 8 nights. Working with glass is a slow process, to learn how to construct a simple window you will need to be available for all sessions.
Pamper yourself after your sessions in your self contained luxury accommodation where you can self cater or bust out to Beechworth for dining, fun and entertainment. Visit our Beechworth page for dining options.

Student Clothing and Footwear

Closed shoes -“no” open toes or thongs. Safety glasses or simple reading glasses.  Comfortable clothing that is of to get grubby!


Margy Barwood will meet you on arrival and welcome you to your beautiful luxury accommodation. Your course offers exclusive learning,  with boutique sized classes, just you and your group. Your workshop if fully equiped with 2 glass grinders and all your tools. The workshop offers a comfortable learning space. Transport to and from the workshop is complementary.

Special advanced level stained glass courses by arrangement, please contact the Tutor on 0409 284 110.

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